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  • James Knight-Pacheco


Hey everyone!

I have been mega busy with the podcast, hence I have been very quiet on the blog, so I do apologise for that.

So, we all know it's coming towards the height of Summer, we tend to go for lighter and fresher food.

Burrata is one of the foods that I really love to have, as it's so creamy, buttery and utterly delicious, however accompanied by a a few friends, all of a sudden it becomes even more tasty.

What are those friends you ask? Well for me you always should have acidity, as the cheese is rich, so balsamic vinegar is one of those, but did you know, if you boil balsamic vinegar, it turns to caramel, and this is amazing.

Another friend to accompany this little beauty, roasted hazelnuts, which are lightly crushed, simply roasted in the oven until golden brown.

Black olives, will add the saltiness, for this, simply place pitted black olives in a low oven for a few hours until they are fully dried, then chop them into a powder, one thing to note, into not blend them, as it drums in to a paste.

Finally, the tomato confit ,this is really easy, just slice a few tomatoes roughly, then cook them down with a little bit of olive oil, sugar and salt, until almost a spate is formed.

The last tip for you, marinade the burrata with olive oil, salt and pepper, for at least an hour before serving!

Make sure you are layering the flavours, but forget the cheese is the superstar.

Be brave, be bold, most importantly enjoy the process.

Till next time


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