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Hey gang, how are we all?

Am just on my sofa as,  I have just come back from work and thinking about the one of my vacations,  then I saw a photo that was taken when myself and my wife were in Nice.

We were exploring the small backstreets in the old town, which by the way if you haven't been are incredible, not just for the food, but also for the old buildings, the atmosphere, and the people.

Anyway, we were wondering around since the early morning, so naturally we are hungry by around 1 in the afternoon, and from no where we encounter what I can only describe as a hole in the wall pizza take away cafe.

Tiny little place, one guy smashing out the pizzas, one oven, loads of variations of pizza, it was awesome.

The smell too also incredible, which I think was the main reason we were also drawn to place.

We both ordered one each, then went along to one of the little shops, bought 4 bottled french beers, and had out lunch right on the Beach, simply sat on one of the many benches along that huge famous stretch called-Promenade des Anglais, watching the world go by and enjoying the sunshine.

The pizza itself just tasted incredible, cooked to perfection, it was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten, so good in fact we went back twice during our vacation there.

Who doesn't love Pizza!?

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