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My first ever blog

Hello to all and a very warm welcome!!! 

This is my first ever blog, so please be gentle! 

As am writing this on my laptop, and sat in my living room, am sat opposite all of my cookbooks, recipe books I had as a young commis chef in Michelin star restaurants, as well as other books with various subjects other than cooking, and am thinking to myself “how can I make this interesting?”. In all honesty, am not sure but as a chef, my job is to be creative, so I am hoping to also be creative when it comes to writing future blogs.

For most of my professional life, I have worked with food, wether it is cooking in professional restaurants, washing dishes, teaching, or making millions of people laugh via TV and I mean via the BBC series I did (which i shall save for another time), I have always been around food. 

So to some degree, the blogs will be about food and experiences, but also about my journey as to how I got to the position I am in today, which is currently working in Dubai as an executive chef. 

I hope this wasn’t too painful, thanks for reading this. 


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