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  • James Knight-Pacheco


Hi everyone,

Summer is well and truly here, of-course everyone loves to have a few salads or lighter options right?

How about a simple sandwich?

I don't think these little soldiers get enough credit, after all they do the job of filling us up whenever required, they travel well, the best thing is that we can place any type of flavour we love.

Finger sandwiches, are always accompanied with an afternoon tea, then there are the monster footlong or baguettes, these are for ones amongst us who ,love to hike or be in nature, perhaps a lunch at the beach?

If you have a look at the traditions of sandwiches around the world, its all basically the same thing, but just wrapped in a different type of bread, so lets salute this beautiful creations, give them a round of applause, celebrate the sandwich in all of their glory !

Here here.

This is a short but sweet one.

Till next time


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